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1253220 Replacement Ford C-MAX cabin filter activted carbon filter

1253220 ford cabin filter
Product Name : 1253220 Replacement Ford C-MAX cabin filter activted carbon filter
Product ID : 1253220

OEM: 1253220

Application to Ford C-MAX

Type: Cabin filter 

Particulate filter (PM 2.5)

 with fungicidal effect

with antibacterial action

Activated carbon filter with polyphenol

MANN: CUK2559 

SIZE: 240*209*35mm

We are manufacturer from China.

Research air filter、cabin filter and oil filters for many years.

Application to variety commercial vehicles and light 、heavy duty car  etc.

Welcome to our factory.


Tel: 188 3292 5915    wechat:18832925915

1,High efficiency cabin air filter

2,Low loss of charge and long life

3,Perfectly compatible with the original mold.OEM quanlity.

4,Specially designed for automotive applications.

5,Material include pollen non-woven and activeted carbon

In railroad, stationary engine, and marine applications, air filter performance plays an important role in the reliability, life expectancy and maintenance costs of critical equipment. An inefficient air filter causes an engine to work harder, use more energy, and creates wear, all of which increases costs and environmental pollutants. The bottom line - engines need to be able to breathe clean, dry air, and our range of engine air filters offer the highest degree of filtration and life available, even in the harshest of conditions.

1253220 Ford cabin filter.jpg

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